Cheese is a milk product that keeps longer than fresh milk and can be useful for vegetarians who accept milk. There are many different types of cheese with distinctive flavours so most people can find types of cheese they like. Vegetarians should check the label on cheeses to ensure a cheese is vegetarian as many cheeses contain rennet which is a meat product.

Cheeses that aren't vegetarianEdit

Parmesan is never vegetarian because there is a legal requirements to include calf's rennet. You may be able to get vegetarian, ‘parmesan style hard cheese’ or other vegetarian cheeses that are similar to paremsan. If you can't get vegetarian alternative to parmesan where you live vegetarian cheddar tastes similar. Try adding cheddar while the dish is cooking so the distinctive cheddar taste is less noticeable. Gorgonzola and Grana Padano are also never vegetarian. [1]


  1. The Vegetarian Society on Cheese

External linksEdit

  • Cheese A longer article about cheese from a website that includes meat recipes

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